HCA, HCG & HCM Embroidery Machine Parts



HCA, HCG & HCM Embroidery Machine Parts

HCA (most HCG & HCM **) Embroidery Machine
HCA 12 & 15 Needle Machines (Standard & Noise Reduction Heads)


Below are listed the most commonly ordered parts for the HCA/HCG/HCM machines.
Some parts in the “Moving” and “Fixed” Heads are totally different depending if your machine is a
Noise Reduction, or Non-Noise Reduction type.
Please consult your parts manual for the correct parts for your machine. TEXMAC is not responsible for parts ordered in error.


Presser Feet
Part# Part Descriptions Price
SNR13130 Presser Foot for Noise Reduction  (replaces HMG13630) Includes:  (1) HMF12111 Nylon Insert $10.85 ea
HMG12750 Presser Foot for Non-Noise Reduction (replaces HMG912060) Includes:  (2) HMF12111 Nylon Inserts $10.00 ea
HMF12111 Bushing (Split Insert for Presser Feet)  (aka HMF12112) $42.00 / pack of
20 pieces
Replace BEFORE Presser Foot wobbles and permits the sewing needle to contact the inside circumference of the Presser Foot,
causing thread shredding.
Bobbins Cases & Metal Bobbins
Part# Part Descriptions Price
MPZ00080-T Bobbin Case (Towa “L Style”) (for HAPPY HCA, HCG, HCM and HMF) (replaces MPZ01810) $8.00 ea
The Industry Standard Japanese made OEM for Best Quality & Performance (Does Not Work On HCSHCD or HCR).
Will also work with Brother PR600, PR620 & Baby Lock BMP6
MPZ00080 Bobbin Case (Generic “L Style”)  (for HAPPY HCA, HCG, HCM and HMF) (replaces MPZ01810) $5.75 ea
(Does Not Work On HCSHCD or HCR) – Will also work with Brother PR600, PR620 & Baby Lock BMP6
MPZ00550 Metal Bobbin (spool for use when winding your own bobbins) “L Style” -Requires the use of ABLS $0.75 ea
ABLS Anti-backlash Spring (for use with MPZ00550 when winding your own bobbins) “L Style”  $0.75 ea
Be sure to remove this Spring when using Pre-Wound Bobbin Thread.
Rotary Hooks
Part# Part Descriptions Price
MPZ01290 Rotary Hook (Stainless Steel) (requires oiling) (for HAPPY HCA, HCG, HCM and HMF) – “L”  $39.75 ea
MPZ01260 Rotary Hook (Teflon Coated )(does not require oiling) (for HAPPY HCA, HCG, HCM and HMF)  “L Style” $49.95 ea
Teflon coated rotary hooks don’t required daily oiling. These are great for machines that are not run on a daily basis.
HCA08022 Needle Bar Driver for HCA
Part# Part Descriptions Price
HCA08022 Needle Bar Driver for both Noise Reduction and Non-Noise Reduction type HCA equipment $476.50 ea
This is a printable PDF with information on the replicable parts of the HCA08022 -> click HERE
The HCG and HCM machines have used 3 different Needle Bar Drivers (also called a Jump Structure or a Reciprocator) over the years. 
To see more information on these parts please click HERE
Click on the above picture to see a larger image.
Part# Part Descriptions (these parts are not listed in the parts manual) Price
HMF08230 Roller (16mm Large Nylon) for HCA08022  (affixed with 10mm bolt which is not available) $7.65 ea
M0408942 Roller (8mm Small Nylon, held with MPR00290 E-Clip) $7.35 ea
M0408933 Stopper Pin (which the 8mm Small Nylon Roller is mounted on) $8.85 ea
MPR00290 E-Clip for small roller $0.30 ea
HCA08081 Needle Bar Driver Slide Block 6mm for HCA08022 Needle Bar Driver Only $50.00 ea
Fixed Head
Part# Part Descriptions Price
C0414055 Upper Thread Hook $15.00 ea
HCA04030 Thread Cutting Device Assy B (moving knife, fixed knife, bobbin thread holder and stronger base) $167.50 ea
HCM04292 Moving Knife for HCA04030 $95.50 ea
HCM04560 Fixed Knife for HCA04030 (same as the HCA04100) $24.50 ea
HCM04580 Bobbin Thread Holder $5.50 ea
HCX78000 Keeper Solenoid Only – Get this if you have determined that solenoid is not firing with voltage applied $65.00 ea
HCM904050 Keeper Solenoid Assembly – (HCX78000 Solenoid and all improved mechanical parts) $112.35 ea
This contains both HCX78000 Solenoid and all improved mechanical parts (including washers to prevent return spring binding).
A real problem solver!
Thread Stand
Part# Part Descriptions Price
HCA20061 Bushing Nut for HCA Thread Stand –  (White Nylon) $18.85 ea
HCA20050 Pipe Bushing for HCA Thread Stand – (White Nylon)  OEM $16.35 ea
HCA20050-A Pipe Bushing for HCA Thread Stand – ( Aluminum ) $16.35 ea
Needle Depth Gauge
Part# Part Descriptions Price
M0404342 Needle Depth Gauge for All Happy Machines with “L Style” Rotary Hooks – Essential Tool! $23.05 ea
To view a video on how to use the Needle Depth Gauge -> click HERE
Part# Part Descriptions Price
Use this Polyethylene tape on the bottom of the tubular sash to keep it from scratching the embroidery arm
(or table for flat sewing applications)  25mm ( 1 in ) wide and available by the roll or by the yard.
UHMW-5A Ultra Tape on a 36 yard roll $54.00 / roll
UHMW-5A-YDS Ultra Tape – sold by the yard $3.25 / yard
Tubular Sash & Cap Driver Parts
Happy has introduced a NEW single line cap grip that replaces the discontinued FRA44042 double band cap grip 
to make hooping caps easier than ever before!.
The first time you install the new FRA44270 single line cap grip you will need a grip guide and longer screws for the latch.
This comes as a set (FRAU44270) including the New Cap Grip, a Grip Guide and longer screws.
for more information please click HERE.
Part# Part Descriptions Price
FRAU44270 NEW Single Line Cap Grip Installation Set (replaces the FRA44042) $19.50 ea
Click HERE to download a PDF installation sheet
FRA44270 NEW Single Line Cap Grip Only (replaces the FRA44042) $13.50 ea
FRA44090 Grey Clip that attaches to the vertical posts on the rear of the  Wide Cap Frame Assembly $16.70 ea
SPDD03004 M3x4 Screws for adjusting Cap Grip tension (sold in packs of 10 pieces) $5.50 / pack of 10
M0437002 M4x10 Blue Thumb Screw for Happy HCA, HCG, HCM, HMF, EM3 & EM4 (& HCD2 only) $1.80 ea
(does not work on HCD, HCS or HCR) (makes switching between cap & tubular sash a snap !)
C0440562 Positioning Pin (small screw on the end of the tubular arm that locks the hoops in place) $4.00 ea
use a drop of LOCTITE on the threads of this screw during installation to keep them from ever vibrating out
TUBULAR SASH FOR HCA – Entire tubular sash with arms for the HCA for use with both 360mm & 520mm hoops $577.95 ea
NO MORE FLOPPY DISKS  for your HCA, HCG, HCM, HMF & HM4 Happy Machines!
We have  a replacement option for the floppy disk drive on your Happy machine !       NO MORE FLOPPY DISKS !
Part# Part Descriptions Price
USB Floppy Drive Replacement
This replacement unit fits where your original floppy disk drive is now. You will now be able to use a USB jump drive to input your designs!!!!
All you do is remove your existing floppy disk drive unit and replace it with the USB drive!!  You DON”T need a service tech to do this!!
Click HERE to download an installation tip sheet.
RP-USB-HAPPY USB floppy drive simulator (replaces the EPZ00281 disk drive) $299.95 ea
Direct Connect Cable for the HCA and HCG embroidery machines with color monitor control panel only
You can connect you machine directly to your computer using this direct connect cable and the Happy Link software (version 3.05)
that you can download for free from happyemb.com. Click Here
Click HERE to download instructions for installing and using this cable.  ( will not work with the older standard control panel )
Part# CSC-25 25 ft Cross-Serial cable for the HCA and HCG embroidery machines – color control panel only $75.00 ea





HAPPY Embroidery Machine Support
On this page, you’ll find resources to help you operate, maintain, troubleshoot and/or repair single-head and
multi-head HAPPY embroidery machines.
Happy Embroidery Machine support webpage: Click Here
** Please speak to a Parts Department Sales Associate to make sure you are ordering the correct parts for your machine.
Incorrectly ordered parts returned for credit are subject to a 15% restocking fee

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