HCR 15 Needle Multi-Head Embroidery Machine

HCR 15 Needle Multi-Head Embroidery MachineHCR 15 Needle Multi-Head Embroidery Machine


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Presser Feet
Part # Part Descriptions Price
SNR13130 Presser Foot for Noise Reduction  (replaces HMG13630) Includes:  (1) HMF12111 Nylon Insert $10.85 ea
HMF12111 Bushing (Split Insert for Presser Feet)  (aka HMF12112) $42.00 / pack of
20 pieces
Replace BEFORE Presser Foot wobbles and permits the sewing needle to contact the inside circumference of the Presser Foot,
causing thread shreddingClick HERE to download a manual on how to change the presser foot.
Bobbins Cases & Metal Bobbins
Part # Part Descriptions Price
HSA04030 Bobbin Case “L Style” “Must Have Part!!”  – Have at least ONE spare at ALL times!!
Do NOT use a bobbin case with a “pigtail” on the HCR. It can and will cause bird-nesting!
$12.00 ea
MPZ00550 Metal Bobbin (spool for use when winding your own bobbins) “L Style” -Requires the use of ABLS $0.75 ea
ABLS Anti-backlash Spring (for use with MPZ00550 when winding your own bobbins) “L Style” $0.75 ea
Be sure to remove this Spring when using Pre-Wound Bobbin Thread.
Rotary Hook
Part # Part Descriptions Price
HSA04010 Rotary Hook (Stainless Steel)  –  “L Style” “Must Have Part!!” $49.95 ea
Click HERE to download a manual on how to change the rotary hook.
Bed (Embroidery Arm)
Part # Part Descriptions Price
HCD05010 Thread Cutting Device Assembly (includes Fixed Knife, Moving Knife and Bobbin Thread Holder) $142.50 ea
HCB05061 Fixed Knife $14.75 ea
HCB05023 Moving Knife $42.05 ea
HCB05070 Bobbin thread holder $4.80 ea
Fixed Head
Part # Part Descriptions Price
HCD08123 Needle Bar Driver Assembly (Click HERE to download a parts breakdown) $181.50 ea
HCD08132 Black Nylon Body for Needle Bar Driver (Black Nylon Reciprocator)  “Must Have Part!!” $18.00 ea
Moving Head
Part # Part Descriptions Price
HCR14010 Upper Thread Hook $17.50 ea
HCD12111 Needle Bar $14.80 ea
HSA12010 Needle Holder Assembly “C” (includes MPZ00140 – 4mm Diameter Needle Holder Screw) $3.95 ea
MPZ00140 4mm Needle Holder Screw – (same as HSA12120) $0.80 ea
HCD914040 Magic Tape with adhesive 15.00 ea
Needle Depth Gauge
Part # Part Descriptions Price
M0404342 Essential Tool! 17.5 Needle Depth Gauge for ALL Happy Machines with “L Style” Rotary Hooks $23.05 ea
Tubular Sash & Cap Driver Parts
Happy has introduced a NEW single line cap grip that replaces the discontinued FRA44042 double band cap grip 
to make hooping caps easier than ever before!.
The first time you install the new FRA44270 single line cap grip you will need a grip guide and longer screws for the latch.
This comes as a set (FRAU44270) including the New Cap Grip, a Grip Guide and longer screws.
for more information please click HERE.
Part# Part Descriptions Price
FRAU44270 NEW Single Line Cap Grip Installation Set (replaces the FRA44042) $19.50 ea
Click HERE to download a PDF installation sheet
FRA44270 NEW Single Line Cap Grip Only (replaces the FRA44042) $13.50 ea
FRA44090 Grey Clip that attaches to the vertical posts on the rear of the  Wide Cap Frame Assembly $16.70 ea
SPDD03004 M3x4 Screws for adjusting Cap Grip tension (sold in packs of 10 pieces) $5.50 / pack of 10
HCD37090 Silver Thumb Screw for tubular sash & cap driver (M4 x 12) $5.00 ea

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HAPPY Embroidery Machine Support
On this page, you’ll find resources to help you operate, maintain, troubleshoot and/or repair single-head and
multi-head HAPPY embroidery machines.
Happy Embroidery Machine support webpage: 
Standard Field (1502, 1504, 1506, 1508)Stretched Field (1504X, 1506X)
** Please speak to a Parts Department Sales Associate to make sure you are ordering the correct parts for your machine.
Incorrectly ordered parts returned for credit are subject to a 15% restocking fee

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